Why is Move In/Move Out Cleaning Among Our Popular Business Services?

July 28, 2015



Moving into or out of a commercial or residential structure is a big deal. You spend copious hours packing everything so that you can set up shop at a new location without missing a beat. Moving the furniture, boxes of stored documents, machines, etc. is not as easy at it sounds either. You cannot afford to divert some of your helpers to handle the move in or move out cleaning. Not surprisingly, this is exactly why it is one of our popular business services we offer to clients.

  • Leave your old space in good shape: Nothing makes a better impression on a leasing or real estate company than a vacated property that is clean and ready for showing. It builds goodwill and can help you get a foot in the door in the future when you are working with this company again.
  • Ensure a spotless venue to move into: Keep your move on schedule by finding your new location welcoming and spotless. There is no need to stop the move to clean an office or home that still has the last occupant’s trash and debris in it. Choose a cleaning package that meets your needs instead. Our professionals handle simple cleaning processes as well as deep-cleaning protocols.
  • Create a clean environment that meets your needs: Most anyone will clean light fixtures and fans, vacuum the carpeting and sanitize the restrooms. Our professionals will gladly also wash down walls, clean window tracks and tackle the interior of cabinets. Walking into a space where you know the details have been professionally taken care of allows you to continue your move on schedule and with much less headaches.
  • Prevent construction debris from causing problems: When you had your new space built out to your specifications, there is a good chance that some of the drywall dust and new carpeting fiber is still loose. It easily clogs up air-conditioning vents, which leads to service calls. Avoid future expenses and allergy triggers by having us take care of the construction dust and debris. 

At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we totally understand that commercial and residential move in/move out cleaning should not be another line item on your "to-do" list. Contact us today to see how we candle this detailed process for you.


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