October 14, 2016

Professional Office Cleaning Takes the Load Off of Your Employees

You probably know how important it is to keep your office nice and clean. After all, if clients or business associates walk into your office and see it in less than pristine condition, it can really change their opinion of your company. Plus, keeping the office clean helps make for a better work environment for you and your employees, and it even helps prevent employees from passing germs, colds and the flu around to one another.

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July 28, 2016

Professional Cleaning of Office Chairs a Smart Idea

At ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma, we offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning services catering to your specific business needs. While many clients contact us for floor cleaning or our trustworthy janitorial services, lots of business owners overlook the not-so-obvious places cleaning should be done.

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May 4, 2016

Don’t Flush Good Business Down the Toilet with Bad Restrooms

Imagine visiting your favorite restaurant or retail store. Suddenly nature calls and you need to use the public restroom they make available to customers. You walk in and immediately want to walk back out. The bathroom is so disgusting, you’d rather hold it in than stay a moment longer. In fact, you may even reconsider shopping or eating in an establishment where the bathroom violates too many health codes.

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