The Importance of Proper Mold Cleaning for your Home/Office and Health

August 8, 2014

By: Gene Rhodes


Yes, MOLD is a dirty four letter word and nothing pretty to look at. We have mold spores all around us every day, and everywhere we go but it gets to a whole new level when the growth starts to be noticable on your walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. This is the point where some serious decisions needs to be made as to WHAT SHOULD I DO?

It's a nightmare to discover mold. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, tenant, or employee, the presence of mold can create a sense of panic. Take a deep breath, and educate yourself on the safe approach to cleaning mold. Think the presence of mold isn't a crucial issue? Please keep reading!

The first things you should do when you discover concentrated mold growth is to move yourself and others to a safe distance from the area, determine the source of moisture causing the mold growth, call a professional that is certified and licensed to do mold cleaning, then consider finding out what type of mold it is. There are a multitude of kinds of mold that could be present, and different strands have different tells. There are a variety of appearances in color that each type reflects, different damage by each type can occur, and each strand can cause assorted health effects to the people that come in contact with the mold. 

Common afflictions that can be caused by mold are:

-Allergic reactions

-Asthma attacks

-Inflammation of the lungs

-Respiratory infections

-Chronic sinus infections

-And more...

So how can you determine the type of mold that you have discovered? The safest, most efficient way is to contact a mold cleaning professional near you. While DIY mold testing kits are available at hardware stores, approaching the mold without professional services leaves you with the risk of it spreading. Without knowing whether the mold is within acceptable limits, properly discarded of, and surfaces left cleaned, leaves your home or business at high risk. 

ServiceMaster Quality Services can provide you with the help you need immediately! We are certified mold cleaners/remediators in the Louisiana, and will leave you with guaranteed peace of mind, knowing that your mold issue will be taken care of efficiently and effectively. As we say at ServiceMaster Quality Services, "TRY US, LOVE US, STAY WITH US"

Don't hesitate! Act quickly when you have found the presence of mold to reduce the risk of it spreading or affecting your health. Mold can grow and appear within a 48 hour time period. That's the length of the average weekend!


Contact ServiceMaster Quality Services for cleaning services  


Hopefully you never run into this type of situation but if you do you now at least know that their are companies, like ServiceMaster Quality Services that knows what you are going through and how to properly remedy the mold situation. If you liked this piece please consider joining us on our social media sites and send us your email so we can keep you in touch with other important issues regarding your possible cleaning needs. 

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