St. Patrick’s Day: From Green Décor to Eco-friendly Office Cleaning

March 3, 2016


If St. Patrick’s Day is not the perfect opportunity to go green in your office, what is? Use this party occasion to make far-reaching changes that benefit the environment, cut costs and encompass everything from paper waste reduction to environmentally friendly office cleaning processes.

Start with a Plan

It is a common misconception that going green in an office requires a complete overhaul of your procedures and huge changes that are sure to inconvenience almost everyone. Instead, consider the smaller changes that everyone can make to achieve the goal of an environmentally friendly work environment.

  • Blinds. Something as simple as installing window blinds to reduce summer heat, and therefore the need for air conditioning, can have lasting effects.
  • Power strips. Training your staff to connect their electronics to a singular power strip with an off switch is an ideal way of shutting down power completely when machines are not in use. Over the weekend, this saves power and money.
  • Electronic document storage. Cut down on paper waste by sending files electronically and storing them in the same manner. In addition to reducing paper usage, you no longer need those huge filing cabinets.

Introduce the Plan during the St. Patrick’s Day Party

Being green on St. Patrick’s Day will have a second meaning this year. In addition to encouraging green clothing choices, pick party goods that are made from recycled materials and fully biodegradable. Make a similar selection for your decorations. Snacks and treats should be locally sourced. While you are at it, switch out the usual office coffee with a fair-trade alternative. With the scene set, it is time to reveal the plan.

Eco-friendly Office Cleaning Rounds out the Project

If your current janitorial service relies on harsh chemicals and does not offer you any other options, it might be time for a switch. Our professional cleaning business uses cleaning products that are EPA registered and approved. In addition, we use green cleaners when you request them. So, contact us and request our green cleaning service after the St. Patrick’s Day festivities are over. May the leprechauns be near you!


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